15c LE box -- just for the record

There have been some mentions here and other places about the "leather" box the LE comes in. That black reptilian-textured surface is not leather, but embossed paper. Just sayin'.


aw man!

I was hoping that it was "rich Corinthian leather"


That would have completed the nostalgic blast.


HP calculator cases and even slip cases have also been erroneously identified as leather when they are really made from the hide of the Nuaga.

and just for the record; I have bought NEW an 11c, 12c (as a gift), 41cx, 71(hated it & sold it), 42 (sold it), 32sii, 48 sx & gx, 30b (for the 34s) and the new 15. The box for the 15cle is the nicest package any of my calcs ever came in. I doubt that hp claimed to have killed endangered species to make them.


The boxes are Vegan.


The boxes are Vegan.

how many boxes do they manage to make out of each vegan skin?



... erroneously identified as leather when they are really made from the hide of the Nuaga.

Ah, yes, I remember when the entire inside of a late 1950's car could be had in hyde® of the Nauga (except the headliner, of course; that was the made from the hair of the Mo).

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An eccentric friend who is a retired estate attorney has many unique perspectives. Being predominantly a carnivore, one of his sayings is, "Vegetables are what food eats."


"Vegetables are what food eats."


Reminds me of a bumper sticker: I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables!

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