# digits displayed by HP 15c LE

I apologize if this has been discussed already. I am wondering how many digits the HP 15c LE's LCD really displays. The reason that I ask is because the picture of an HP 15c LE at www.shopping.hp.com shows 10 digits, but the spec sheet at the same site says that the display size is 12 digits. Thank you in advance.


Interesting question. Answer first, it is 10 digits. I noticed the same thing, contacted HP sales and tech support, spoke with two different people at each site, and all four insisted that spec was correct and display digits were 12 despite I reminded them the photos, manual as well as the specs for the original HP 15C.

I received my 15C LE a few days ago and I do confirm it is 10 digits. HP seriously needs to examine their customer service, portfolio, product development, product introduction, etc.


HP seriously needs to examine their customer service, portfolio, product development, product introduction, etc.

Wishful thinking, I'm afraid. There just doesn't seem to be much incentive for large companies to "get things right" with mass-produced consumer goods. Sad state of affairs.

Have you noticed that nowadays we buy from them because we have to rather than because we want to...


My original HP-15C from 1984 has 10 digits in the display.


The new one is running the same firmware as the old so the precision is the same.


It is just a typo. An unfortunate one that should not happen, but still a typo only. That typo is in many places I see, so that makes it even worse:

home shopping site says 12

small business says 12

The full data sheet from this page is correct and says 10:

data sheet link is to the right of the price, and it is in PDF format

I did not check the rest of the data sheet for accuracy, but at least it got the number of display characters correct.

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