48GX Erable etc ever to be updated /revised etc?

Hi there,
Given that the last version of Erable for the 48GX dates from the late 90's, after which it was updated & integrated into the 49 & 50 calcs.

Might we ever see an updated version of Erable or something similar (CAS48 perhaps) to refresh/renew the 48GX?

Or perhaps might there be someone out there creating a whole new CAS system for the 48 from scratch?


Look up Raymond del Tondo's speed UI. I dont know about the CAS aspect but the UI he's the man...


Yes, i've heard of that.
Speaking of which..
Which is best? - MetaKernal or Speed UI?
I understand that MK 'does' implement a better symbolic entry capability? that SUI has yet to do? or is this incorrect? - But MK is dated as well, along with Erable?

Still as i originally posted.. An updated & optimised CAS for the 48 would be great?


Like you, I wish for updates to the 48, but I am still stuck on the SX! Frankly, I doubt we will see much activity, even on the 48GX front, since these machines are so dated now. Just my opinion.

If HP releases an updated 50G, even I may bite on that one.


"If HP releases an updated 50G, even I may bite on that one."

It's possibly overdue that they did.. Both Casio & TI have brought our machines with higher res screens, that are not only colour, but back lit as well. - But whilst complete in their capabilities, are aimed at the education market.


Based on the questions and comments from Mr. Wessman, I think HP has certainly considered backlit color, but perhaps has also dismissed it because of power factors.

Since "leaks" about a restyled 39gii with higher resolution screen appeared, I think it is likely that is the direction HP will go in - if they do anything at all regarding the 50g.

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The latest version of SpeedUI supports RainEQ, an extremely fast EquationWriter replacement.

"Pretty Print" support (show expressions and matrices grapically on the stack) is in SpeedUI for years;-)

Erable and Alg48 are math-oriented applications with more or less specialized UI (if at all).

SpeedUI accelerates all the general UI stuff, but has no influence on closed applications.

Most well-behaved applications should run w/o problems with SpeedUI active,

but I have to confess I didn't try Erable or Alg48 so far;-)

I didn't follow the Erable development, but I think the Erable

updates for the FHB were mainly related to exact mode support.

And while we're at updates: I'm just preparing a new version of SpeedUI, with some bug fixes and optimisations.

Hopefully it will be released during the next 1 or 2 weeks.



Hi Ray,
Many thanks for the response, & excellent news on the new version of Speed UI.

Regarding CAS's ... Would you consider/be able to create a completely new CAS for the 48GX yourself, where your ability to create obviously excellent & efficient code would work well - Possibly some of the CAS logic could be taken from an existing system like CAS48 by Jaime Fernando Meza with his permission... (If still contactable, as his last version was in 2001) (CAS48: 10 years old. Erable: 13 years old)

My thinking is that a single packaged install that was the combination of Speed UI with a CAS, would be fantastic, tidy & efficient?


I wouldn't want to write a new CAS from scratch, since my interests are in other areas.

But I'll check if it's possible to interface between one of the existing CAS's and SpeedUI, and if related changes to the CAS are needed at all.

After all it's a matter of time and motivation, so it may take some time until I can make a statement regarding the above;-)


Understand completely the rationale for not wanting to write a CAS from scratch. But also very pleased that you think there might be some merit in cross interfacing with an existing CAS via SpeedUI - Could be an exciting proposition.
As i mentioned above, the other CAS to Erable appears to be CAS48 .. which seems to still be a fairly trim but powerful CAS system.
However there doesn't seem to be anywhere a direct assessment / comparison between CAS48 & Erable though.
I'm thinking of conducting a feature by feature check list, so as to offer such a comparison..

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