More 15C LEs appearing on TAS

Several more 15C LEs are appearing from different sellers. There are some expensive Buy It Nows but a few people actually auctioning them off. Should be interesting to see what this does to prices, or if the ridiculous bidding frenzy is still on.


What's interesting is the 15C LE currently at $350 from datamth-calculator-museum (who runs a great TI calculator website -- no forum though).


One seller has 3 separate auctions going, the one finishing soonest has already been bid to $300. The listings have photos of the calc back showing very low LE numbers. It looks like a lot of people bought a bunch of the early ones at cheap pricing with the sole intent of reselling them at a big profit. This makes me think that less than half of the total "limited" production has even reached the USA and that there will still be an opportunity to buy these at normal retail price. Currently, you can buy the 15C LE from the HP business online site for $99.99 + shipping and sales tax.

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Are you sure? We have an account with HP and last week I tried to secure two for a friend in Germany (hi Michi) but we couldn't check out. I ended up on Amazon ;-;


I'm not sure, since I didn't attempt to complete the checkout process. I only tested it by placing one in my basket and estimating the shipping and sales tax amounts. All I know is that the price has been lowered from $129.00 to $99.99.



I actually purchased from the link above at the $99.00 price and it did go through. Also, I used a coupon code of "HPSAVE10" and got $10 off the $99.00 price. So the price I paid was $89.00 plus shipping and taxes.

It seems silly to buy from eBay when you can get it for $89.00 directly from HP. I placed my order last night so I have not yet received it.


Samson Cables price has now gone up from $149.99 to $199.99 ! I paid
$99.99/ea for two ten days ago, which I received last Monday. Glad I didn't delay ordering ...

HP home user site still won't let you order one. No sign of them to order in Europe yet either, although they have been promised us.


I think the vast majority of buyers on TAS are oblivious to the HP business site. Also, some buyers are outside the USA, and the HP site only ships domestically. Only some of the TAS sellers ship internationally. For example, the high bidder here appears to be outside the USA.


The home site won't, but the business site apparently will for the same $99.99 price.


Maybe I was stoooopid not to buy a dozen or more. I could have paid off my kids college education with the scalped profits from turning them!

I stood back like a dunce and didn't buy one becasue I already have two 15c and over $1000 worth of different old HPs.


I don't understand why anyone would pay all that money for one. It is still in production!

Totally bizarre.


You only have $1000 worth of old HPs ?


Just ordered one that way for $99 + shipping + tax. I guess HP Home/Home Office is run separately than HP Small/Medium Business.

You have to wonder if the HP15C LE will continue on forever like the HP12C which will drop the perceived value of the HP15C.


What's going out there simply is dirty and plain business where maximizing profit rules.

Just check at Samsonc. $199.99 is the current price for a pre-order. I paid $94.99 for mine with the scratched #4 key.

Seems that dealing with HP calculators (even with the new ones) must make some people very rich.


What's going out there simply is dirty and plain business where maximizing profit rules.

Just check at Samsonc. $199.99 is the current price for a pre-order. I paid $94.99 for mine with the scratched #4 key.

Seems that dealing with HP calculators (even with the new ones) must make some people very rich.

Same thing happened with iPads when they came out. Give it some time, let the supply catch up to the demand, and the price will level out back at $99.

I got my two yesterday (purchased from the HP Home store). I ordered a 12C LE last week too, but it hasn't arrived yet.


The difference is that iPads were not limited production, whereas the HP 15C LE has been arbitrarily limited to presumably 10000 units, and the ultimate demand appears to be higher. Right now people are buying these up to prey on others who are freaking out without using a little common sense. Ultimately, the market will stabilize, but it's hard to predict exactly where it will settle. Had I not obtained mine at the normal price, I would never have bought them.


Yes, I have about 20 of them. I got to that point and said, "WT%^$% am I *doing*!!!"



The price will certainly come down.

The originals were only going for abourt $100 to $150 except for unusual auctions. Nothing has seen the highs of 5 years ago except the rise in price with some of the others such as NIB 41CX and old 1970s in great shape. The pioneers and voyagers were significantly levelled off by the appearance of the 35 and 33s or some other causes. The Champagnes went from $300+ to low 100 with the release of the 50G...

So I expect we'll see this all level off.

The big difference between the old old stuff and the voyagers is the sheer number ofgood voyagers out there. THere's nowehre near as many 67 machines as 15C in circulation


If it makes money, surely they will do it again...

Look at the plymouth Viper. Started as a $1000000 concept and became prodution becoaus of deaman


Actually the 10C has always sold for considerably more than the original 15C. Just like the 70 is the most pricey Classic, with the exception of a Red Dot 35. The current situation with the $300+ 15C LEs on TAS is totally ridiculous. I think in October when the next boatload of 15c LEs arrive, there will be some normalizing like you said although prices won't come down as much as the current 12Cs.


My collection is much more extensive, and nearly half are non-HP. About 30% of my RPN calcs are non-HP. Currently, my HP "collection" is complete, and most of my collecting at this point is rare non-HP RPN calcs. Unless HP comes out with something interesting in the future, it's doubtful I will buy any more, and will probably sell a few duplicates as well.


I wouldn't shoot myself for failing to buy a new calculator with bugs present right out of the box. Anyone who bought these as investment vehicles will, I predict, be sadly disappointed.

A year from now they may be finally available from HP for $50. EBay prices probably much less than that.


A year from now they may be finally available from HP for $50. EBay prices probably much less than that.

I wish !

Can I ask an idiot question - what is TAS ? - not being in USA I just assumed it was another auction site, but my web searches haven't come up with anything ...


TAS = That Auction Site = eB**. It is considered the same as 666.


I have to say that I am *VERY* disappointed at how Samson cables is handling this. I will *NEVER* purchase from them after this episode.

Just my 2 pennies...




I completely agree with Bill. We are witnessing a micro-bubble. While it's possible that some of the high-bidding eBayers are just ordinary schmoes who never learned that HP came out with the 15c LE, don't know that it's apparently still in production, and think they've missed the boat, I expect that the frenzy will wear down shortly, and the value of these calculators will drop to MSRP, whatever that turns out to be.

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