HP 15C LE Engraving

Is any official or unofficial engraving offered?


Get a Dremel or equivalent and start engraving :-)

- Pauli


Not directly by HP. You can take it to one of the jewlery shops or gift shops in your local mall and have it engraved. A store called "Things Remembered" does it around where I live.


Where exactly are you supposed to engrave it ? I don't see any blank area on the rear label plate to do so. Perhaps you were confusing this with the HP 12C 30th AE that presumably has a blank area for engraving ?


Not from HP.


Yep, I was looking at the back of my 12c AE. There is a place on the back for you to engrave your name.


Yeah, there honestly isn't space. However, this would seem to be because HP included all the information on the original back label at a readable font size, a lot of industry certifications (likely required for importing to various countries), French and English country-of-origin labeling (Is this for importing to Canada, or just Cyrille having a laugh?), the LE number, and an HP logo. The HP logo and LE number are probably the only non-mandatory things on here, but the LE number was wanted, and the HP logo is in a small enough space to not be useful for much else.


Ha ha ha ha!

Decades ago, I engraved a friend's original 15C... manually with either a diamond tipped stylus or some kind of small tool bit... I forget!

He thought I did a better job on my own 34C than his 15C. Oh, well!


The HP logo and LE number are probably the only non-mandatory things on here...

Plus the table entry for Error 9, if it was intended that the old self tests were never to be performed.

Why would there be ANY desire to engrave a calculator? I used Dymo Label tape in the designated recess on the back of my 1997 HP 48GX that remains today, and that can easily be removed if someone else saves it from a landfill. The last $10 HP-15C I bought had the owner's initials engraved on the metal to the right of the LCD. Blah...permanent defacement! (But, still worth $10 I think.)

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There is a space on the back of the 15CLE between the battery cover and the rubber foot,just above the X Y column headings where you could fit a small engraving.

Or, if the engraver is good, they could do something on the side...


Why would there be ANY desire to engrave a calculator?

Non-removable identification in case it is stolen.


Non-removable identification in case it is stolen.

Yep. Unfortunately (for collectors, at least) there was a time period in the U.S. where police crime-prevention bureaus recommended engraving any item of value. A lot of fine vintage cameras were ruined because of this.

Non-removable identification in case it is stolen.

That's not worth much. Not too many calculators are being stolen now-a-days. And none are worth the effort to recover (not even my HP-35 red dot, which I'm thankful the original owner did not engrave).

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