Some pictures of anniversary 12c

Waiting until my 15c sample arrives, some close-ups of my First encounter with the anniversary 12c

Has anyone considered that is a calculator that you can really give as a gift without appearing geek? (provided the receiver is finance-related)

I guess that it could appear in many jubilee, graduation, etc. parties!


I just don't get the 12C Anniversary Edition at all because they've thankfully never stopped making 12C's. This makes 3 different flavors of 12C's for sale now.

Without a 12C form factor the 15C LE's would most likely never have happened. Hopefully given the instant success they'll permanently add a non LE 15C down the line.

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Frankly, I think the case for the 30th anniversary edition is a little chintzy. I have the 12C 25th anniversary edition, and it comes with a much better leather case, much like a cell phone case you can clip on your belt. It even has an embossed 25th Anniversary logo.

Why can't these 30th anniversary models have better cases?!?!?!?


I think the case for the 30th anniversary edition is a little chintzy.

I agree. I was hoping for something different with the 12C 30th AE. The display box is nice but you're not going to keep you calculator in there. A nice slim leather slip case would have been great. The only printed manual is a tiny quick start guide. Then there's the fact that old, buggy firmware made it into 12C 30th AE, that's the worst part.


Maybe HP got some complaints about how bulky the 25th anniversary case was so this time they went back to the classic case style.


I picked up a surplus 25th anniversary case a few years back thinking it would be nice for my original 15c but never use it because the standard case just works much better imho.

The 25th anniversary case was pretty bulky and the sides were only elastic making it a bit awkward to slide the calculator in and out of it.

Glad they only used the standard case for the 15c LE. As Katie pointed out a leather slip case in the style of the standard case would have been nice.

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Leather? As in real leather?

Big problem with using that. Makes the animal people angry and 1/2 the time it turns our to be from a puppy or something like that. . .


P.S. I tried. . . :-(


But the 12CP 25th AE case is real leather, have costs gone up that much in the past 5 years? You could use less leather than that case used and it would be nicer and less bulky. Just get ride of the cardboard and use one layer of leather.

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Leather? As in real leather?

Big problem with using that. Makes the animal people angry and 1/2 the time it turns our to be from a puppy or something like that. . .

The case for 12cP 25AE is real leather...

Many years ago HP made such a thin leather case for the voyagers. It was really soft and had a tuck in flap to keep the calculator securely in the case.


We did select the new case based on the material of the 12c PT with the style and ease of use of the 12c case. I couldn't get the puppyskin spec past the Marketing Department, though.


I didn't say cost was the concern. . .



Those puppy lovers...


I for one approve of the case. I think it's a very faithful reproduction of the slipcovers that originally came with Voyagers.

Yes, I compared it to one from a circa-1993 12C. It is slightly thinner material, and the HP logo looks slightly different, but on the plus side the inside feels softer, and the case is stitched together as opposed to being heat-welded like my old 12C case.


My 1982 vintage 16C SN00153 came with a plastic slip case embossed to look like leather the sides are stitched and it is lined with that lovely black material that disintegrates into black dust... I don't use it anymore and have ordered two cases from a TAS seller that are reputed to be leather one for the 16C and one for my hopefully soon to arrive 15C LE. Item number 170659088441.

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