HP 15C LE COS key

ok, so my unit does not have the wiggly f and g key, but the COS key requires more force to get it to work. i had to press it several times before it would work. quite annoying because it clicks everytime i press, even though it did not actually performed the operation; the clicking sound makes you think it worked, and if you are not looking, you might get the wrong answer in the calculation.

this also occurs when doing the g-ENTER-ON test.

all other keys work fine, though.


It's a bad key. A few random 15C LEs with keys that don't work right seem to have gotten through QA. You should probably call HP tech support and try to get them to fix or exchange it unless the place you bought it from has more in stock and you can exchange it there easier.


That is 5 reports now, and I am not counting the f and g key reports.
Considering that there are probably less than 100 calculators bought and thoroughly tested by people on this forum that is a pretty high percentage of rejects for modern manufacturing.


The f and g keys on the unit I use for everyday work #1598 do have a notably left-right rocking. Much more pronounced than the rest of the keys. They work perfectly OK when pressed vertically, normal feel, good click. But I can tell they are not as solidly in place as the rest of the keys. They are not as tight.... but maybe within manufacturing acceptable tolerance???

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This might be acceptable for a $20 calculator but is certainly disappointing considering that the 15cle sells for $100.



The f and g keys rock more than the others because the other keys are made on one large assembly, while f and g are individual pieces of plastic. This is because they are molded out of different colors. The assembly for the other keys provides a bit more stability.

So, this isn't really a manufacturing defect unless your f and g keys honestly don't work right when pushed.


This might be acceptable for a $20 calculator but is certainly disappointing considering that the 15cle sells for $100.


I don't know whether I'm lucky or not. I have never got a brand-new US$20 calculator with such unacceptable problem.

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