15c LE in europe?

Hi all,

anybody already found a reliable shop to order a 15c LE in Europe? Or an American store that ships to Europe?

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I've ordeed one at Samson Cables (hpcalculators.com). Shipping is $40.



TheCaclulatorStore (in Spain, I believe) has promised to supply Europe.

Samson Cables in the US ships to Europe.



I've ordeed one at Samson Cables (hpcalculators.com). Shipping is $40.

Ouch, $40 for shipping. That's not cheap...



TheCaclulatorStore (in Spain, I believe) has promised to supply Europe.

Thanks, I'll have a look.

Have you had any shipping options? When I preordered, there was only USPS priority international, and I was charged $18.

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It was just USPS.


Ok, I guess they mislabeled my parcel. There was a thread about it, so now I wonder if it will arrive :-(. Yours likely will.


Samson Cables seems to have wildly varying postage prices.
When it first came up it was $16 to UK, later it was $24.
On 1st September I ordered both the 15C LE and 12C 30th Ann., and paid $35 for both to UK. (Got an email yesterday saying it was shipped).
Now I looked and indeed they quote $40 postage for 1 unit!! That another 40% of the calculator price!

However, at the time the 12C 30th was listed at $99.99, which is what I was charged. Thus I paid $234.98 for both with postage. (Of course taxes and Royal Mail charges will come on top of that when it arrives in the UK).

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I don't think they have stock yet though. However, in an email the owner of TheCalculatorStore mentioned that there was a separate batch destined for Europe with their own product number different from the US product no.



Both units (15c LE and 12c AE) will be presented to European distributors on Friday next week in a meeting in France. Latest news are that the 12c will be in October, 15c even later, in European version (not within the US batch, and we might have the known bugs sorted out by then)

Please consider that the number of calculators involved are extremely small compared with other more mainstream models. We are not important in the HP scheme of things. We do not know how much we have to thank Tim and Co. who spent their time for calcs of such low volume. Think that the revenues for HP for this model migh be around 250-300 k€ in total - contribution much lower than that. Compare that with the fact that China has decided that their students shall have graphical calcs as standard tool in school, starting next year!


By the way, while no European distributor has been given info on these calcs, the latest price list show 3 other calcs as "obsolete". One of them surprises me...


Is the chinese graphical calc market to small for HP?


Educalc in Asia http://www.educalc.net/ is still sleeping. the website still talks about new HP models launched in 2008!

hellooo....... you lost my business to Samsoncables.

hpnut in Malaysia


anybody already found a reliable shop to order a 15c LE in Europe? Or an American store that ships to Europe?

I'm in Spain, and I ordered two from Samson Cables.

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