Firmware updates for the 49g, 12C+ etc

I read that there were updates for some calcs. How did you do the update? Did everyone use this cable?



The USB equipped calcs download the update via USB. If an SD card is available this can be used as well.

The cable is for the 10bii+, 12C+, 15C LE, 20b and 30b.


I didn't realize there was a cable for the 10bII+.


Same cable as the 20b/30b/34S/12c+/15cLE.


The cable isn't USB. It is serial, just like the 6 pin connector on the back.

The calculators you mention all have the same connection and can use the same cable. My biggest word of warning is to not leave the cable in any longer than needed. It really drains the batteries very quickly.



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