Hp15c LE on TAS

Looks like it's the same place that has been delivering.


Now that is interesting. Should put a stop to the stupid high prices. Hopefully they are not all purchased by Co* and hoarded for future sale! 6 sold to date.

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Mr. C doesn't pay BIN prices, and his bids on regular auctions are never more than a tiny fraction of his sale prices.


Excellent. And now we can keep track, to some extent, of how fast these things are selling.




I wonder... would it be dishonest to list a 15C LE as "HP 15C with original box and manuals" as long as the pictures clearly show that it's a 15C LE and not a NOS 80s 15C? I've noticed that lots of the people wanting $Insane for HPs have a box, manual, and cover (Although I honestly wouldn't be surprised if at least some of them have pieced together that stuff, I've seen plenty of TAS auctions with ridiculous things like a Pioneer in a Voyager case, or worse yet a Spice or Woodstock one, and the seller is still trying to claim it's original)


Hmmmmm.... I would say yes. I think that one should specify "LE".

Just my 2 cents.

I wonder what my brand-new-all-original-in-box-with-manuals HP41CX is worth?




I think it would be misleading. I expect to see many such auctions. Caveat collector.


Definitely specify that it is a Limited Edition!!!


Yeah, I'm not trying to defraud anyone and probably won't even be selling any 15Cs on TAS, I was just thinking that one would want to ensure that their 15C LE appeared with the rest of the 15Cs. I definitely wouldn't try to convince someone that a new 15C was actually one of the 80s ones.


Show a clear photo of the back that let's one see the "Product of China" on it. Anyone dumb enough to pay an inflated price deserves to get screwed.


An original HP 15c in good working and cosmetic condition with slip case but no manual just sold on TAS for about $155 shipped. It was a worldwide auction, but only got one bid. Hard to say if the listing of the HP 15c LE had any effect, or if it was simply missed by this bidder. The listing by Buy.com has no photos at all, which is pretty stupid IMO. Anyway, as I post this, Buy.com has sold 10 units so far.


You called them and they just told you that they sold 10 units over the phone? I guess i would have never thought they would give out this info so willy-nilly.

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Nope. The number of sold units is showed on the TAS listing. Currently it's 11.

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In hte beginning of this century, a 41CX went over #500 and we were all "oh my gosh!"

Now I think that would be cheap...


Ooooh sorry my bad. I kept thinking buy.com's actual website and not their tas page.


I saw that auction too. The reason it only had one bid is that it was Buy It Now, not a regular auction. I would bet the seller was in a hurry to get some money quick, or did not know how much it could sell for in a regular auction. Or maybe it had some scuffs, scratches, or a small flaw, etc and they thought it would never sell for a higher price.


Actually, it was a regular auction with a start price of $149.99. Nobody bid on it until time had almost expired. Regardless, since there was only one bid, it did not sell for more. There are other auctions going on right now that have been bid up higher, so the HP 35c LE auction does not appear to be having an effect so far.



OK, I see. I was talking about a different auction:


Buy.com did a poor job of listing this item. They put it under Consumer Items > Other.
It's not even listed in the Calculator section at all. Oh, and they are up to 19 sold already, even though it is hard to find.

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