HP15c LE -- Where Are Canadians Ordering?

Any tips on this? Buy.com and Samson don't ship to Canada.




Amazon? I have amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, and amazon.fr ship to me in the US. Or is it only through resellers that won't ship to you?


Where did you see Samsoncables does not ship to Canada? I had no trouble to place my order with a delivery address in Montréal.



Samson is shipping my 12C 30AE (and later 15c LE) to me.

hpnut in Malaysia


Samson does ship to Canada. I've ordered from them before and they had no problem shipping to my house in Montréal.

@Jeff Fontaine -- Hello, neighbour.




I do stand corrected. I went at Samson's via Buy.com and by that path shipping to Canada not accepted via PayPal. Going straight to Samson Cables and it all went well. Only downside is shipping cost and the likelihood that a parcel of this declared value will be stopped by customs and assessed the 13% harmonized sales tax plus the admin fee of 5 to 8 bucks. But it looks like these things are actually real, and Samson's seems to be standing behind these preorders and sales.


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