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Samson advised that my order has been received, credit card charged and HP12C 30 AE shipped by USPS Priority Mail International.

Is USPS traceable shipping method?

hpnut in Malaysia

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Priority Mail can have delivery confirmation -- to a USA address.

Really no way to cheaply get tracking by US Mail for anything outside the USA.


hpnut, you can try this...





Chris at Samson just confirmed USPS Priority is not trackable. Only USPS Express Mail is trackable.


You can't track int'l via priority mail. I know, I've tried it.


I shipped a calculator to Italy using USPS Priority once, and was able to track it until it left the US, and IIRC the tracking eventually updated to show that it had arrived in Italy, but no delivery confirmation for when the receiver actually got it.


How did you track it ? The times I went to the post office, I was told that a tracking # was not available for priority mail international, only express mail. I paid for a return receipt post card, but that was it. There is a # on the customs form, but that is not a tracking #. All my packages were insured, and reached their destinations undamaged, so I really was not concerned.


Late last year or early this year I shipped two different items out of the US using USPS. They were sold through TAS and I printed the labels from Paypal, and when you do that you automatically a tracking number is generated. These were shipped Priority and with small flat rate boxes. The problem was that the tracking number was useless. One scan each showed, which was from the post office I dropped them off at. There were no further updates. They both made it OK, but it took a while and made me pretty nervous.

Another scary thing about USPS is that unless you get insurance it's almost like throwing your item and your money in a black hole. I had a package lost once and I sent it without insurance. I knew I could not get reimbursed for the item since I didn't get insurance, but assumed I would at least get a refund on the shipping. Nope. I was told that USPS was not a guaranteed service, and that was about it. So if you have something even remotely valuable to ship put insurance on it or use another service. At least with UPS they have an automatic $100 insurance. Of course they are rougher on your items and may run it over, drop kick it, or stab it with the fork on a forklift.


My experience with having packages shipped to me from the US via USPS has always been very good, I have never had a package lost and a number of items shipped to me that where purchased on TAS where trackable, I could even track their progress through Canadian Customs and the tracking would get updated by Canada Post as well between the point of entry into Canada and my home. I could not tell you right now what postal class they where shipped by as I don't have any of the box labels anymore, but I do know that all the trackable packages had to be signed for.
While UPS may be quicker, I usually avoid bringing item across the border via UPS and they are in the habit of charging very exorbitant fees for customs brokerage, where as the post office charges none, and for most items I do not even pay any taxes or duty when they are shipped via parcel post.


I think you can thank the postal agreements for this.

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