Just a thought (WP34S and 15C LE)

A week ago some people were worried because WP-34S discussion, suggestions and reports were dominating the Forum threads; and old HP models were somehow eclipsed... What a different weekend is this one!

Now we should start a campaign for the 40th anniversary HP-01 LE (we can allow some time for this one) and, of course, a 25th anniversary HP-42S LE. :-)

Edited: 3 Sept 2011, 4:12 p.m.


With HP getting out of the PC and accessories business, we are looking at a dead end!!! In fact this may be the last HHC were attendees get a gift from HP ... and it may be the best gift (if it ends with an LE).


I know, but let's dream for a while...


Ahh ... dreams ... you have come to the right person!! Tel me your dreams and I will tell you who you are!


I'd noticed the sudden turn around in traffic too :-)

- Pauli

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