Updated: Some press articles about the new 30th anniversary 12c



Note: I know the story about the $$ in the filing cabinet applies to the original HP 35 back in 1972, which is what I told her. Oh well.

Note 2: Contacted author and she revised the link above. Yay!

Accounting Today

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Interestingly the 12C, which has no pi key, displays 3.141592654.


Just love those photographers. Typing in the value of "pi" is why that image came out with a 3 on the end. Took a while to fix that. . .

Nobody could come up with something more meaningful, so they just had pi on both.



Nobody could come up with something more meaningful, so they just had pi on both.

e would have been a better choice for a financial calculator. It comes up in certain calculations (continuous compounding, for example) and is available on the keyboard of the 12c.


Accounting Today

Accounting Today? Gene, you're a wild man!



"hELL0" was also under consideration.


I sent an email to Charlie, the author of that article, to let him know about the 15c LE. Maybe he will run another article.


What are you talking about Glenn? You were campaigning to put 5318008. . .



Yup, should have thought of that.

I don't think I was consulted on the 12c image though. . . maybe I was. Too long ago.



Eh, a large number of financial users would not recognize "e" either.

Only real alternative I thought of was 360 but that would not fill up the display.

Eh, PI just means we all have to have Valentin's tricky trig program in the 12c.

Speaking of which, I hope valentin sees the 15c LE release...

Valentin, where are you?




Wild Man? lol

At least Accounting Today was kind enough to give my math book a plug. That's always nice.


Or the tiny little PI program for the 12c: here.

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