12c Users Invited to Join HP and Dennis Harms for Dinner tonight in San Francisco

Tonight, in honor of the 30th Anniversary of the 12c, HP will host a small dinner for Dennis Harms, R&D Program Manager for the original 12c, Professor Kahan from Berkeley, Journalists from a few high profile financial magazines, and a couple of dedicated 12c Fans. If you are located in the San Francisco area and would like to join us for dinner tonight at 6:30PM, send an e-mail to CalcEnthusiasts@hp.com. We Will confirm and accept the first 5 RSVPs, so act fast if you're interested!


I bet they will be dishing out, not cigars, but the HP 12C 30th Anniversary Edition to the 5 lucky dinner attendees :-)

hpnut in Malaysia (16,079 km away to San Francisco)


Smoking is bad for your health, but using a 12c is good for your finances!


If you are located in the San Francisco area and would like to join us for dinner tonight at 6:30PM....

I wonder how it went....was there any video from this event?


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