which HP desktop is this for us$50 buy-now?

ebay listing number 190560374449


who will be first to buy it? :-)

addendum: it's just sold... to g***a

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Is it RPN?



yes - and i see now that in the body of the auction it gives the model number. am a little surprised that one of the regulars on here hasn't snapped it up yet!!

(sits back and continues counting up the minutes on my stopwatch)


It was no international auction anyway. This reduces the set of potential buyers to 5% ;-)


Yes, I would have bought it immediately if he shipped to Italy.
By the way, based on what he said, it is probably working, he just couldn't understand RPN. I only hope it went to someone who knows what it is and doesn't toss it.



They said it's the 91.


Yes, I mean, I hope who bought it isn't someone who wanted the other two, and says "This is just a weird non-working junk, I'll toss it away"...




I agree everyone, that's why I snapped it up!

I love the "TOS" iPhone app. I can sit on the beach and shop away.

I can't imagine the 91 can't be resurrected.

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