OT: You know a smaller calculator?

You know a calculator smaller than this? (Casio mini-micro)

Comparing Casio mini-micro x Sharp EL-8061

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Without looking at my database, several come to mind instantly:

First of course the HP-01 (and all other calculator watches).

Then the original CalcuPen (red LED :-) ) (and all other calculator pens)

Then the calculating paper clips (in various sizes)

The the calculating Smarties (again in various sizes)

When I'm home tonight, I can post some pictures if you are interested.



Only calculators. No watches pens etc. :-)


At least the Casio Micro Mini is one of the smallest calcs with real hard plastic keys,

Nearly all of the calcs you mention have either pin-size keys, or rubber keys, or pin-size rubber keys;-)

However we should not forget that the Casio has a small footprint, but is relatively thick.



I have a pair of true credit card size calculators that I picked up as freebies at a trophy shop. They have true mechanical hard buttons, and include a storage memory with arithmetic, percent and square root. They also have an easily replaceable standard G10 (LR54 / LR1130) battery. They weigh 24 grams.

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The diameter of the 1 Real coin he's used as a reference is 27 mm or 1 1/16". This means the frontal area of a credit card sized calculator is about 80% greater than that of the CASIO mini-micro. This shouldn't apply to volume and weight, however.

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I'd say the Sharp EL-8061 is smaller, but one would need to measure them exactly and calculate the "front area".


15(H)x43(W)x61(D) mm, according to this site. My estimations were 41.8 x 61.0 mm.

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Are those calculating smarties, um, edible?


I have a Casio SL-800, which is the same size and thickness as a credit card. Solar powered, too thin for batteries. Still works.

Of course, if you ever put it in your wallet, don't expect it to work after sitting on it.

(That's just an image I found on the web, not mine.)



Are those calculating smarties, um, edible?

Well, with enough beer to go along, it may just be possible to swallow them in one piece!

I went looking: The small Smarties calculator measures 64mm across, so it's slightly larger than the Casio micro-mini. But it has proper hard plastic keys, not rubber keys! And it's less than one centimetre high, so the volume is smaller than the Casio.

I also remember several keychain and cigarette-lighter calculators (can't find them in my mess right now...) that are quite small, but I don't remember what type of keys they have.






What about the "vintage" 2000 HPCC 4.9G?



I have the 2nd (silver) one of these.

One of my co-workers went by the distributor's office in Hong Kong and picked up a few samples for me. ;-)

Gave away two as door prizes at HHC last year.


Are they any good?

Years ago a looked at getting a bulk lot, price I think was under $1ea in QTY!



How many is a bulk lot?

I'd love a dozen of these to leave around everywhere.

An RPN credit card sized solar would be better of course...

- Pauli


ditto here - if someone got a bulk lot i'd be happy to buy a dozen for own use and to hand out to friends. last time i looked at this model i couldn't find anywhere to buy it from :(


I can't recall, but I'm sure it was in the several thousand category, perhaps even 5K.
I think I published the numbers on here somewhere at the time...



A bit of digging and the carton holds 400 pieces.
That is a manageable quantity.

Of course, you'd have to convince the supplier that you want a sample run to test sales :-)

I've got a friend who has done this buying Christmas lights a couple of times: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwJ5xPlRlT4.

- Pauli


I think when I was looking at the time there was only one distributor, and the units had to be factory ordered, with no stock. Hence a larger minimum. But now there seems to be no shortage of dealers for it.
Yeah, 400 would probably be doable.



There you go:


80 cents each in 5000qty



I recognise the Sharp EL-506P keys here. Let me gues, the statistics functions on the memory keys are accessed by entering the STAT mode using 2ndF-ON? (altough STAT mode is not shown on the ON key?)


i was able to select 20 units at $0.80 each, $5.00 total shipping,
but when i got half way through the checkout process hit the following:

"Payment Method

Sorry, we are not accepting payments from your region at this time.

Please contact us for alternate arrangements."



It is probably due to the failing US economy :-)

Seriously though, the Australian dollar price is more in line with the European and UK prices (A$0.13). 5k units wouldn't be excessively expensive -- unless the 5k minimum is cartons. At thirteen cents each, I'd spring for a hundred or two to help make the MOQ.

- Pauli


I have a Casio SL-800, which is the same size and thickness as a credit card. Solar powered, too thin for batteries. Still works.

Of course, if you ever put it in your wallet, don't expect it to work after sitting on it.

Yeah, they break real easily, DAMHIKT (Don't Ask Me How I Know That)



dona nobis pacem

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