Board Stacking Connector HP-9815

Anyone know a source for new PCA stacking connectors?

Original is a Teledyne Interconnect 40 pin connector with .100" spacing. The part number is B415U040.

Anyone fixed busted contacts on these before?


I haven't seen them anyplace but in a 9815. Must have been one of these special, non-standard things that were typical HP fashion.

I did kludge one by splitting a standard PC-edge connector along its length, then gluing the two halves back-to-back with epoxy. After that, a little dose of point-to-point soldering to bridge the contacts did the trick. It didn't look good but it got the calculator to work!



For what it's worth, I found out the Teledyne still makes these contacts and sells them for $13 each.

9855 Carroll Canyon Road
San Diego CA 92131-1103
Phone 858 842-3138
Fax. 858 565-1649

TKC Product Line. Catalog here

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