A new WP 34s is born

Thanks to the fantastic work of the 3 musketeers, with the help of Eric Rechlin, a new WP34s is born:

New WP 34s

The quality of the overlays is excellent and the application on the HP 30b a pleasure.

Keyboard feel remains excellent



Have fun.

- Pauli


Being late on the wp34s scene and not following the developments, I have the 101 questions; How can I make my 20b into a wp34s - i.e. where do I buy all the needed stuff; cable? overlay? And where do I download and how do I do it?


1) Go here:


Download the wp34s.zip file at the green button location.

2) Cable? You can get one from me but you will have to wait a week. I ask for $5 if overseas and $3 in the USA to cover the padded envelope I buy, postage and my gas to the post office. Email me at my forum email. :-)

3) Overlay? comes from Eric Rechlin.

4) How to do it? Download this PDF.

How to flash a 20b


I don't wanna be all elitist or anything, but Windows XP? Hardware serial port? In 2011, or even 2009?

And how do we contact Eric Rechlin? His web site's down.


I don't wanna be all elitist or anything, but Windows XP? Hardware serial port? In 2011, or even 2009?

And how do we contact Eric Rechlin? His web site's down.

I had no problems at all under Linux, using a (good quality) USB-to-Serial converter. I seem to recall people having success with more recent versions of Windows, too.

If you can't access Eric's site (though it works for me) you can contact him by clicking on his name on one of his posts here.


I have been able to succeed with XP and a USB to serail converter, running SAM-BA version 2.10

For Europe, I can supply "flashed" 20b of 30b calculators.


The trick is NOT to use converters with Prolific chips. FTDI equipped converters are fine.


Thank you Marcus. I'll get one and try again. I thought it was my Ubuntu Linux at fault.

It might be a good thing for you guys to collect this info in one place and put it up as some kind of simple document file on your site. That could save you from answering the same question multiple times.

David; XP was a good choice for them. I think that globally it is still the most common OS. I use Linux now but if XP Pro would work like it did before Vista came out; i would happily use it.


Perhaps Gene will read this...

I have made two separate attempts to reach Gene using the forums "contact..." form, and the messages have been apparently sent, but they either haven't been delivered, or his reply hasn't reached me. I'd like to get a cable to flash my 20b.

I can be reached at eduenezATmathDOTutsaDOTedu. (I teach at the Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, aka UTSA.)

I apologize for posting this request to the forum, but I don't know what I've done wrong before...



I have put this into an article for easier reference.
See Articles Forum No. 1060

Edited to add link

Edited: 23 June 2011, 2:28 p.m.

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