What is the celestial cycle for Red Dots on TAS?

The HP-35 Red Dot is clearly one of the rarest and most coveted calculator collectables, and only very infrequently does an authentic one appear on TAS. Even rarer is one that is totally original, in good working order and complete with all its original accessories. I'm the fortunate owner of one of these complete sets, which is the only one I've noticed, since I started monitoring TAS about 6 years ago. There was a fake one about a year ago, and another that may have sold privately, but that's all I've seen. It seems like there are very few in existence anymore, and most of those are the hands of collectors like myself who have no interest in selling them. Anyways, I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas or would want to speculate as to if and when another one might appear for auction. Right now TAS browsing is pretty boring as there are few if any interesting and rare items being listed.


It's very irritating that TAS does not have a way to research things like this that sell much more infrequently.


I think you can research, but have to PAY for the data. BAH!


Right now TAS browsing is pretty boring as there are few if any interesting and rare items being listed

Oh how can this be said when I have 2 timeless 90's HP's listed right now, a 48G and a 10B (please no one take this seriously!!).

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Would a 9810A be interesting and unique? I was thinking of putting one I just got up on TAS.

However, I can't help tinker with it before I would consider doing it.


I'd say that the HP 9810A is interesting, however, it is not nearly as rare as an HP 35 Red Dot. I'd put it in the same class as an HP 92 or HP 81, which show up infrequently and command a high price, but are certainly attainable and are not milestone machines. If you had an HP 9800A, I'd be more impressed. If you had an HP 95C, then I'd prostrate myself at your feet.


Please Michael, I wish you no harm!


Hm. I have a Red Dot, but I don't have a 9810A. You should definitely sell it to me, knowing it will go to a loving home. I finally found an SR-60 recently and am feeling peckish, especially since the only English manuals that exist for this machine are those at the Computer History Museum, and I'm having to pay them to scan 'em for me.

Do you have manuals or anything other than just the calculator?


It seems like a "loaded version".

Has the following options:
Standard 51 Total Storage Registers
003 2036 total program steps
004 Printer

Has Statistics (with overlay & QRG), Peripheral Control and Mathamatics Module

I need to debug a keyboard issue. Tony Duell is helping me debug. The printer and card reader need to be rebuilt/repaired.

Supposedly it came from the cardiology dept at a Philadelphia hospital.


I've rebuilt a lot of the small HP card readers. Next I get to practice on the SR-60, but it looks as if its giant card reader will be pretty simple comparatively. No tiny nylon balls! Hopefully the 9810 card reader's large size will make it easy to deal with.

Let me know if you decide you want to part with it!


will do Dave.

I'll send you some pictures (not that I have decided yet) for you to look at.

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