The beeper on the HP-71B is pretty cool. You can do lots of fun 1980s retro sounds with it. I had some fun with that in my dice games for the 71B. I even had a "raspberry" sound for when you zeroed out yatz. :)

When I got back into RMB, I wasn't expecting to find anything as capable on my 9816. I vaguely remembered that the beeper on that machine is severely limited. Indeed, I find that RMB 2.0 running on a 9816 is limited to some oddly spaced frequencies. These appear on page 27 of the BASIC Language Reference. They are mostly useless for music, and limited for audible prompts. A lot of them are too high to listen to comfortably. But I found a use for the first three frequencies greater than zero on the list.



Nothing to hear when played using MPC-HC , but I assume it should sound like the HP-41 BEEP ;-)


It's recorded at a very low volume. I had to increase the volume to maximum and put the ears near the speakers.


Quite a faint beep even with the amplifier turned to full volume ... hardly sufficient for a prompt IMHO.


Sorry guys. I forgot to turn on normalization when I rendered it to MP3. I had headphones on, so I didn't notice it was so quiet. It's fixed now.

Walter, it sounds OK when you sit in front of the machine. :)


The HP-71 NOISE LEX file statement was neat too. It seemed that with enough patience, you could make it talk (although I never tried).

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