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I've been trying the emulator for quite some time, while I wait for the "real hardware"... and I have a question.
I tend to use base functions a lot (mainly in binary) so I use the "multiple-page" feature much, because most of the numbers I encounter are more than 12 bits.
The keys to change "page" are both shifted. I was wondering if maybe the two up/down arrow (unshifted) keys could be used instead? I think that if you have a multi-page number, you want to be able to flip through the pages very quickly...



I was wondering if maybe the two up/down arrow (unshifted) keys could be used instead? I think that if you have a multi-page number, you want to be able to flip through the pages very quickly...

They single step programs forwards and backwards so giving them a different use here isn't going to happen I suspect.

We do have a shortcut that will assist you here. Press and hold the f-shift or g-shift and repeatedly press the windowing key and you will advance more quickly. This works for all three shift keys for any function I believe.

I don't know if it will work on the emulator or not but it definitely works on the real hardware. Until your real hardware arrives, you'd better learn your binary to hex conversions. Then it becomes a moot point ;-P

- Pauli


Pauli, thanks, I see your point.
But for people who wouldn't use SST/BST much (am I the only one?), maybe there could be a system setting to choose whether the arrows behave as SST/BST or as general arrows (for navigating menus, switching pages and so on)... would that be conceivable?



Ciao Christian,

Please look at page 52 (of 73) of the most recent version of the wp34s manual available in the doc-subdirectory at SourceForge. There's listed what has to be checked if the user simply presses one of the navigation keys, to find out what's to be done with this request. It's all about detecting what the user really wants ;-) when pressing such a key. If you find a nice and unambiguous clause to be included there for base page scrolling, please suggest.


Edited: 26 Apr 2011, 5:01 a.m.


I don't much like the idea of another system flag for what is really a fairly niche piece of functionality. This has always been a highly programmable device after all.

The only way I can think of to support this would be to allow integer windowing if there aren't any program steps defined. I think this would qualify as too confusing (and coming from me that is exceedingly rare -- some of my suggestions have been interesting to say the least).

I also don't think the shortcut I mentioned is too onerous. It is certainly no worse than all the transcendental functions (and better than most) which will be more commonly use I suspect.

- Pauli


what about the right arrow key on the top row. could this page?


That key is used too :-(

- Pauli

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