34s screen shots running on a 20b

Take a look. Bravo. After 5 minutes, I am impressed, as I thought I would be. Only issue I have seen so far is trying to turn OFF the 20b unit. :-)

Speed test: Did the program of LBL B, +, GTO B with the stack loaded with 1. Counts in one minute were 137,779.

AND... who needs a flash cable? I have some, but will need to cover my shipping cost. A corporation might be able to send them gratis, but I do need to cover shipping. Figure $3 in the USA and $5 international. I certainly will NOT be making a fortune, but have at least 20 cables for those who need one. Paypal will work as the method.

First come, first served...

FYI... I don't know why these pictures show up sideways for me. Oh well.

Instructions for flashing a 20b with a new rom can be found here:

20b flashing instructions

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Super cool Gene! This is the first publicly/internet shown hardware that runs the 34s.


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This is the first publicly/internet shown hardware that runs the 32s.

32s ??

Namir just mistyped the 34s as 32s.

I should get NONE of the credit for this as all I have done is what most everyone here can do, which is flash a 20b with the ROM the project members here have created!


I flashed yesterday evening, and had a few minutes to compose a video. Do you recognize the hardware under the 'skin'??!!

Bravo to the team for this amazing piece of work. Hardware bug report are a comin!

Link to video: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/uuMb4Y5lK5Zy4YocUnPS2g?feat=directlink

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Many bugs should already be fixed in the next release so wait with any complaints until you hear from me. I'm constantly working on the power handling logic which is quite convoluted. HP did a good job but I went my own way. This may use some more power while the calculator is idle but I understand it better. ;)

Edit: typo.

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Thanks. I have had to pull batteries several times now. Will wait for the next release to file reports. Should that be done on SF to be better tracked? Till then, using my 34S/30B at work today!


Speed test: Did the program of LBL B, +, GTO B with the stack loaded with 1. Counts in one minute were 137,779.

Try it again in integer mode, I'd expect it to be faster there.

Also LBL B INC X GTO B ought to be slightly faster again.
And even better INC X BACK 01.

- Pauli


Nicely done overlay :-)

- Pauli


Thanks. It has the added benefit of being upgradable with subsequent releases ;)


I've created an overlay for my 20b:

And here is the result:

This is much easier than repainting the keys. I used a black pen to cover the original legends.

The firmware is work in progress and you can expect changes in execution speed. I'm still working on the power saving modes. As you can see, my 20b is equipped with an external power cord. I know, why. ;)

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That is amazing work.


I would recommend trying to follow the power code that is there. It took a long time and many revisions to get to the current level.

Essentially, you are shutting off the CPU between every keystroke.



Gene, the document by Tim discourages the use of USB-Serial converters. I run SAM-BA on a Windows XP virtual machine on my iMac. The 20b is connected through a USB/Serial converter. Sometimes the connection breaks but normally it works. So no need to buy an old PC for the process.


Tim, I understand your approach but I don't like it very much because you lose the 4 K RAM with each power off. I've a running timer (the PIT) which cannot wake up the CPU, only interrupt it. The PIT should at least be running while the calculator is doing useful work. It's also used with the PAUSE command or to implement key repeat on the arrows. If you look at the 20b firmware, it has a similar working scheme if it needs to scroll a message in the display.

What I do is switching speeds between 32MHz, 2MHz and around 32KHz (the latter does not work on SLCK for unknown reasons so I use the internal oscillator / 64). I also play with the voltage regulator and the flash power supply. This is not completed yet and is subject to change.

Eventually I'll follow the original logic after a second of inactivity or so if users complain about wp34s eating their expensive coin cells. The current draw in idle mode at present is 0.2mA. Two 2032s should be good for 90 hours.


And even better INC X BACK 01.

An oops in the BACK code. You need something (anything) after the BACK 01 instruction for this to work. That extra instruction is never executed.

- Pauli


Instead of the black pen a rotary tool and a fine sanding disc works wonders.

- Pauli


I've just started a new thread dedicated to pictures of wp34s in action. See above!

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