Summing Function

Is there a similar function to the HP-27S Summing {sigma} Function (page 108 of Owner's Manual) but available on the HP-42S or the HP-32SII and in the related owner's manual(s)? I can't seem to find one but I could have overlooked it.

FYI, from HP-27S manual:

{sigma}(counter variable : starting value : ending value : step size : algebraic expression)

Definition: Sums values of the algebraic expression for values of the counter variable. The counter variable starts with the starting value and is incremented in steps to a final ending value.

I'd like to try out the following equation in SOLVE on my 42S and 32SII if possible.

Solve for PI' (since PI is already a function):


It takes a value of 21 in variable LAST to produce 12 digits of accuracy (last digit rounded up) for PI'.

Ref: The history of the approximation of the number PI; 4.1. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716); Scholz, Werner;

Confounded ... how, if even possible, do I embed special characters like the {sigma} symbol (Σ) into a forum message? :-/


There is no sigma command in the 32sii solver, but you could do it in a program.

This gives you the sigma character in a forum post (thanks Thomas Klemm): [img:]


Yes, thank you Thomas (and Don). Too bad I didn't know it earlier, but better late than never.


That looks better!

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You might like to read my article:

How to use a formula in a post

Here's the formula in LaTeX:


At that's the result:

you could do it in a program

00 { 42-Byte Prgm }
01>LBL "Leibniz"
02 STO 00
06 LBL 00
07 X<> ST Z
08 2
09 +
10 X<>Y
11 -3
12 /
14 RCL/ ST Z
15 R^
16 +
17 DSE 00
18 GTO 00
19 3
21 *
22 STO+ ST X
23 END


XEQ "Leibniz"

Kind regards


Edited: 29 Mar 2011, 2:24 a.m.


Thomas, that looks even better but it's not the why it looks when the equation is entered into the HP-27S, but thank you non-the-less. I'll have to practice playing around with LaTeX a bit in between my studies. So much to do ... so little time. :-)

Thanks for the HP-42S program, as well.


Thomas, that looks even better but it's not the why it looks when the equation is entered into the HP-27S...

Jim, if you want to see something like the above, you'll need a 48GX ;-)


That's nice to know and I will be able to see that for myself when I become the owner of a 48GX soon. :-D

Though my main question was whether the 42s and 32sii had a similar "summing function" as the 27s since I failed find one in either of the owner's manuals. Don directly answered my question for the 32sii and I'd assume the 42s doesn't provide that same function either with Thomas' indirect answer of a programming solution.

Obviously you can do so much more through programming than relying on build in "functions" and I'm content with that. Thank you all.

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