Moldy Oldies

Well, a first for me. I bought a cheap HP-11C in a calculator lot for $16, hoping it would look better in person than in the photo. This time, it did not. It does, however, work fine. So, being badly in need of restoration, I took it completely apart. I've seen dirt, blue corrosion, green corrosion, etc., but seeing a calculator full of black mold? That's a first for me. I'm surprised it worked... the mold was everywhere! Time for a major bath, this time also in bleach, a first for me.


Hey Mike, how about a pic of that. I'd like to see it.



Oops. Already started cleaning it. Sorry.


This has got to be something to see.


It was pretty gross. This was the first time I've used a heat gun to remove the keyboard faceplate and display plate. Sorry I didn't get photos. Picture little black spots and patches all over the circuit board, tape, display holder...everything. Yuck.


It is probably the legendary one that was swallowed by the hippopotamus. Aren't you glad the zoo keeper retreived it after it passed. ;-)




lmao ...


Think of sweet little hippo droppings in your washing :-)

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What a crappy deal.


It's dead mold. It's more common than you think for units that get left in really damp or wet basements and tropical climates. Sometimes they'll have the smell but not the fuzz. Right fine incubators ;-)

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