$42, Why?


Oh my, here's another auction!! What does he think this is, ebay or something!? - hudendai


Wow! I guess my example was a bargain, well, for Europeans anyway.

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It's all relative. A calculator fan who buys a $42 a case for his collection might think $116 for a bicycle handle bar is too much, right?


Haha. You are comparing a cheap plastic zipper case to a carbon fibre handlebar? Now, if it were an alligator case with a mink lining, I might agree.


Yep. A carbon-fiber time-trial bike aerobar set can retail for up to about a thousand dollars. My own aluminum clamp-on aerobars are about $130.


How about $110 CDN - just for the handle bar tape to wrap around your new handle bars. That was the price I was given for Brooks handle bar tape in Vancouver last September.

I actually managed to buy the same thing for £42 in Woking (Evans Cycles) on my way home from the airport, which just goes to show that the increase in price that occurs when something crosses the Atlantic isn't just one way.

Mike T.

PS - Yes it was worth it They were a complete nightmare to fit as the leather doesn't stretch easily but they are very grippy and look fantastic...

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Yes, Brooks is pricey, but it'll last a lifetime. I have two Brooks Team Pro saddles, and one of them will be 32 years old in a couple of weeks. It has seen many long camp touring rides, and there is nothing more comfortable once it is broken in. Where comfort is involved, you can't pay too much.


I wore out my Brooks in less than 4 years back when I was a teenager. I rode, and rode, and rode, and rode some more, in the rain, the snow, etc. It got so soft and swaybacked that it was useless. My concor lasted longer...


I'm still using my 'original' B21 on my touring bike (Dave Russell - 1985)


I have a Brooks that I've had for about 25 years now. I never gave it any care, other than putting a plastic bag over it when the bike was parked outside and I expected rain. The leather feels hard and after I ride for the first time after a long absence, I feel like I've been kicked in the butt repeatedly, but once I'm broken in again (takes a couple of days), it's the greatest thing. I can ride on it all day till I collapse from fatigue, and no gluteal discomfort whatsoever.

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