30b Learning Modules PDF?

Got a 30b under the tree for me !!!

Does anyone know if the learning modules are available as pdf files like they are for the 35s? It would be great if they have them all zipped together for single download.



Here you go:


30b Full Manual PDF

Learning modules:

30b Learning Modules (zip file)

I love the 30b. I've had mine since August and think it is a terrific calculator. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me.



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If you like the learning modules in PDF rather than online XML website material, be sure to tell HP.


Wow, that was fast! Much Thanks.

Did I miss the link to these on the HP web site?

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Strangely enough, the PDF versions of the learning modules aren't on HP's site - yet they are HP-produced PDFs. These are on the hpcalc.org commerce site. The ones on the HP site, as Gene mentioned, are XML versions. I'm thinking that hpcalc.org likely got a hold of them when Tim Wessman posted a temporary link to them and then they loaded them on their own server.





Be sure to find and attach the clear plastic keyboard overlay for the programming commands. I think it's in the back of the quick start guide. It's easy to miss it and throw it away with the packaging.

The 30b is a lot of fun. I really like the split display (dot matrix on top, 7-segment down below). They keyboard has a nice feel and it's really fast.


Be sure to find and attach the clear plastic keyboard overlay for the programming commands.

Also, be sure to NEVER rub the print on the overlay. The ink has been applied to the exposed surface of the overlay. It rubs away very very easily, beginning with the initial act of applying the overlay sheet to the keyboard. One would have thought a little better attention to detail would have been warranted.

The functions on the overlay are accessed from the keyboard by pressing and holding the blue shift key while depressing the desired function. The same technique is required to program an UP or DOWN function. Otherwise, pushing those keys scrolls through the program.

The 30b is a lot of fun....The keyboard has a nice feel and it's really fast.

The HP 30b itself is an amazing device. It's the fastest handheld anyone has ever produced.

Here is a HP 30b version of the well-known Savage Benchmark.

In Prgm 0:

1 STO 0

2 0

3 Input

4 Lbl 00

5 1

6 +

7 sqrt

8 x^2

9 LN

10 e^x

11 Math

12 Input

13 UP

14 TAN

15 DSE 0

16 Gto 00

17 Stop

(Checksum 22.085)

Set the HP 30b for RPN, RADIANS, and FIX 11. Then execute:



Prgm 0


The result is 2499.99946106 (perfect would be 2500). Execution time (from a stopwatch) is 6.5 seconds! That is the same numerical result from the HP 50g, which takes 65 seconds to do the same.

The HP 30b is ten times faster than the HP 50g! (At least for this application.)

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