OT: New incredible shuttle video for space (and LED) nerds



And the bonus outtakes are at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsvVU24uDIc


Hello Egan,

Thank you very much for sharing this. Very much appreciated.

I am very sad to know that Spaces Shuttles I have seen taking off since the very beginning when I was adolescent will soon stop to do, and more to say, without being replaced by any transportation system having a similar fascinating power.

I think that a major chapter of space exploration has ended. We are loosing all what made us dream: Concorde, Space Shuttles, ... and in another way, fascinating RPN calculators as the 41C was.

This is just my own opinion, and I would be pleased to have yours (You, Egan, and some other nostalgic people)

Kind regards.



Spent 10 years of my life on that program. It has to come to an end of course as all things do, but the really sad part is there isn't any replacement coming soon, and the sadder part is no one seems to care anymore about such adventure.

At any rate, I can say my HP-42S played a crucial role in designing one of the Shuttle ascent/abort guidance algorithms.

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