HP97 Card Reader adjustment

Just getting back to this project after several months. I've now rebuilt the "clutch" using silicone adhesive and the traction wheel with fuel hose. It now reads a test program quietly, whereas before with original clutch and O-ring traction wheel it was noisy. Progress! But, the motor still turns off before card is fully ejected. No ERROR report, just stops prematurely so I have to tug it out.

The question is how to fix this. I've been looking at the test & adjustment procedure in the Service Manual which looks thorough but tedious. I'm willing to give it a go, but though I'd first ask if anyone here has used it with success. Or, is there a simpler way?

If I am to use the Sm test/adjust procedure I will need the test data cards. Since it writes OK I guess I could just create the one that is supposed to have data on it, but I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to use a card created on a faultless card reader. Also, where does one get the magnetic powder referred to in the procedure?



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