HP thermal printer differences

ciao a tutti,

this should be an easy one for most of you, but for me ...
what is difference between the Hewlett Packard HP 82162A Calculator Thermal Printer
and HP82143A ?
Would it be worth to have both ??

Thanks in advance for any suggestion,
take care Alberto


What calculator are you planning to use the printer with?
The 82143A plugs directly into the HP 41, and it cannot be used with other devices. The 82162A plugs into the HP-IL interface, and it can be used with any HP-IL devices.

See this thread for more:


Thank you very much for your reply,

actually I was just thinking about adding a new piece

to my collection, and since I have just purchased an HP71B

with the HP-IL module I think it would make sense to get this as well
right ?

take care Alberto

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