I have two EPROMs for the HP-71B that have these programs. When run they ask for Points, and some angle information and distances. Seems like it might be a survey or navigation program or such but I'm clueless at what they are for.

It has a file

Anyone know what these program are?



COMPU-LS is a Land Surveyors COGO (COrdinate GeOmetry) program. HP did considerable business in serving Surveyors with programs and in the case of the 41, a module. HP had their own very capable survey module for the 71.

The Compu-Ls module was written and manufactured by Martin & Company, Alberta. Mathias was kind enough to send me a copy of the manual. I do not have the module. (if you decide to trade or sell yours I might be interested.) Basically a COGO program facilitates calculations in three dimensional rectilinear space. Points are generally described with Northing, Easting, and Elevation, and are given lable numbers or names. Then you can work directly with the point numbers to do circular curve, line, and intersection calculations.

I assume that COMPU-DC is the Data Collector complement to the COGO program, and I dont have a copy of the manual for it.

Like the HP 71 module, this COGO program could work in the field along with the ThinkJet (2225B), or the 2" 82162A printer, the Casette Drive (82161A), the Disk Drive (9114A), and HP or other memory modules, as a totally battery powered system. I assume that there may have been a cable connection from certain Total or Semi Total Station survey instruments, that allowed the surveyor to download shots into the Data Collector module, and to upload points from the Data Collector into the theodolite or Total Station.

Most Total Stations had their own manufactured and dedicated Data Collectors, but even so, there are a lot of Surveyors that preferred HP calculators and used HP95 thru HP200 and HP 48 calculators as data collectors. Some still use those, as you can see by the current cost and business in COGO and Data Collector Cards for the HP48 on the auction site.


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Thanks for the info. The logo does say Martin & Co., when the program is executed. It is protected BASIC but I might be able to transfer it to floppy. How large is the manual? I have sent you an email.


Not really certain, but is this the Martin geomatics company that created the module?

I used to travel through this city a lot, and saw a lot of their signs up around construction zones. The founder is unfortunately, passed on.



The listed e-mail is probably wrong - too many years since joining the forum. Try f-l-e-e-a-z-at-g-m-a-i-l-dot-c-0-m.

The manual does have the company phone number (of course maybe 20-years ago). I think it is probably the same company. The digital copy that I received was quite large (a high density scan), and I will have to look back in history to see if I still have it digitally. It would however be easy for me to scan the 100+ pages from the printed version that I have.



Not necessary to scan 100 pages. It might help just to have enough information to see how the program works. That is, what data is expected, what format it should be input in, what are the expected outputs, etc.

I really don't need the program but I will try and put it onto floppies or get an electronic copy. The programs were protected but I think I can save a copy.



I am reasonably certain it is the same company.

Martin & Company
Land Surveyors & Consulting Engineers
725 - 29th Street North
Lethbridge, Alberta
T1H 5G3
ph. 403-329-0050

This would have been probably 1985 to 1990

There is no date on the manual


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