HP-35 Manuals

I just picked up a HP-35 Manual at auction and would like to know if there is a source that can tell me the versions of this book.

Thi picture on the front shows a 35 without the model number and, I think, the raised dot on the 5.

I am trying to pair it with the same era calc (with bug) to complete a collection.

It has a number on the back cover 00035-90008.

Same year? S/N on Calc is 1249A 03920


I don't think they revised the manual. This is the same one that came with my HP 35 version 3 (No raised dot, no bug, no red dot, Hewlett-Packard 35 on nameplate, serial # 1302A 47940). And I'm quite sure that this stuff is all original because there was a paper inside the back of the manual with a date of purchase of 9/17/73 and a matching serial number.



the copy I have has the accesory & service card still in it. They aren't even torn apart.

It's actually in very good shape for being almost 40 yrs old.

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Yeah, that is in really good condition. Now for the hard part: Finding an HP 35 in equally good condition.

I got lucky on mine, the battery pack was missing so it didn't sell for quite what they normally go for, and I got the leather carrying case, manual, service card, AC adapter, and plastic hardcase. And then I managed to acquire a rebuilt battery pack by trading someone for an HP 10b I had no use for.


I think the early V2 were delivered with a red dot manual, too.


wo do you think it is unlikely an early v2 with bug came with the manual I have?

Should it have the one you have?


depends on the definition of "early V2" - the early ones have a red dot like serial number sticker, the later V2s have the common serial number sticker inside the battery compartment, these certainly didn't come with a red dot manual.

The manual will probably match your calculator fine, at least no one will notice :)

I just checked with my remaining HP stuff - there *are* different revisions of the manual. I have one stating only the part number and another one stating the part number and next to it "Rev. 08/73" (if I remember correctly) - the back of the manual is completely different too.


This one has no Rev Date. Hmmm. Close enough I guess.


My manual is identical to yours. I purchased it along with an HP-35, charger, hard case, leather case, receipts, repair slips, and personal correspondence--all from the original owner. My '35 is an early version 2 (no "35" on the front label, no red dot, raised bump on the "5" key, serial number label between the two bottom feet). It originally had the infamous bug, but was repaired and so has a newer "HP-35" back instruction label. The calculator has a serial number of 1143A 31237.

Hope that helps,



Great. It's always better to be able to state the collection is original and correct.


And for what it's worth, the receipts accompanying my calc state it was purchased in 1972 (can't remember what month off-hand, but it was the first half of the year, I think).


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