Nice Step by Step 50g (49+/48gii) Tutorial Videos

The first one is here:

Search YouTube for further episodes. They are all titled HPxx where xx is a sequence number (01, 02 ...)

Later installments have an electrical engineering bent.


Nice. Thanks.


Thanks Norman.

I especially like the way you show the keyboard at the beginning and the cursor that highlights the keys you press.

I have one suggestion for this first video. You don't show how you navigate through the menus. Perhaps you could display some text at the bottom that says "use the arrow keys to move around the menu." Also when you select "2" for the number of decimals to show, say that you pressed the number "2" on the keyboard.



As a clarification, I did not create these videos and do not know the person who did. I just happened to stumble upon them when searching for something else and thought some people here would be interested.

I believe you can make comments at the YouTube site to the creator. It appears he has replied to some previous commentators.

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