Jazz 50G and SysRPL debugger

I have finished porting Jazz over to the HP49G+ and HP50G (ROM 2.15). The latest version (version 1.1) includes support for FPTR2 and ZINT tokens, as well as all new opcodes. The SysRPL debugger (SDB) is also now available. One caveat is that Jazz has its own entries table (which can now be installed in any port without speed limitations nor RAM requirements to copy the tables from covered ports) whereas SDB uses extable. This choice was due to the fact that there are users who prefer the internal MASD compiler (which uses extable) and only want to use SDB.

The files have been uploaded to hpcalc.org, but until the site is
refreshed, you can download the new versions via:

Download Jazz 50G v1.1

Download SDB


Edited: 17 June 2010, 3:28 p.m.


What is Jazz? (Besides great nightclub music, that is. :)


What is Jazz? (Besides great nightclub music, that is. :)

Hi Bill!

Jazz is a programming suite for program development on the calculator (HP50G) itself. It is a library consisting of commands that allow one to write machine language, system RPL programs, and libraries, as well as debug machine language and debug system RPL programs -- again all on the calculator itself. It also includes a robust editor that allows the user to disassemble the ROM all while simultaneously editing source code program.

If you have a postscript reader (perhaps acrobat reader can read postscript files?), the full documentation can be found at:



Thanks Han! :)


Here's a quick update to Jazz 50G. Minor fixes to label generation
during disassembly. Major fixes in SDB, including updates to
CK&DISPATCH1 emulation to handle updated sym/arry classes, conversion
of integers to reals, and a patch to work around the 2 bugs in ROM

Until hpcalc.org does another refresh of files, you can get the
updates at:

Jazz 50G

Jazz 50G Source Code

SDB (SysRPL Debugger) - Standalone version

This update of the standalone version of SDB also includes the source

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