Any information about Canon f-788dx?


This is my first post after some time lurking in the forum. I don't know if the subject really belongs here, but this is the most learned calculator forum around and I'm really intrigued by this Canon calculator currently (and rarely) sold in Europe,

Specs (got them somewhere),

10+2 digits Mantissa + Exponent, Double line LCD with 12-character dot matrix, Screen size: 63 x 22 mm, Memory: 1 = 20 store and recall memories, Battery: CR2032 x 1; General Calculations: 24 levels of parenthesis, Trigonometric Calculations, Coordinate Conversion, Factorial, Combination, Permutation, Fraction, Complex, 170 metric conversions, Statistics Calculations; 79 scientific constants, 9 engineering values, Last digit corrections, Last answer recall, Multiple replay; Total functions: 497 functions including calculus calculations and matrix vector calculation, Size: 155 x 80 x 14.5 mm (without cover), 158 x 84 x 18 mm (with cover), Colour: Dark gray, white; Protective hard cover, Auto-power Off: 7 min with memory protection while Power-Off

There is very little information on the web (besides some Romanian reviewer that claims it has some kind of CAS... Sounds strange for a calculator under 18£ (at Amazon UK)). I've been looking for the Kinpo model (I suppose it's a Kinpo, am I wrong?).

Any information would be appreciated (Maybe any owner out there?)




Though it is written in Japanese, at least you can get a manual of the F788DX from,


Thank you!

I get the picture... kind of casio fx 991ms with some more conversion options and more scientific constants (codata 2002). The CAS appears to be just a very limited ability to evaluate polinomial integrands, it looks a bit odd too. Complex support is minimal, at least it can solve cubics. Basic matrix operations, scalar and vector products... I can't figure out anything about the precision. Metric conversions look nice.



The internal digits are 16, and its precision is +/- 1 least significant digit per operation. (see p.10)



I have a F-788dx. Actually, this calculator is the brother of Casio fx-991MS because F-788dx has the same bad RCL behavior or RCL bug like Casio S-VPAM models. I think F-788dx is a 2nd generation of Canon calculators. Canon fixed the RCL bug in 3rd generation.

1st generation of Canon calculators

F-502 F-720i

2nd generation


3rd generation

F-715S F-766S F-502G

4th generation

F-718S (Natural Display, 18 internal digits, no solver and numerical integration)

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