HP 30b - Thanks Gene and Katie

Thank you both. I used your information on how to program the HP 30b to do a % change calculation and it is great. Now I am starting to like my 30b as much as my 12c. Also, I realized that I could use the switch key to redo some of my other programs to reduce the number of key strokes. Much of the material on this site is way above me so it was nice you both took the time to write out the program instead of just saying you can write a program to do this. After all that is how I learned about the switch key, something I did not know.


I agree - Gene and Katie - Thank you for taking the time to post this program. I do think not having a 1 button option for % change in the HP 30B was a miss. In my opinion, the one thing the HP 12C still has over the 30B (same as the 15C has over the 35S) is the size.

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I agree thanks to gene and Katie- they're both world-class experts on the Hp 30b!

But Re the programming advantage I must suggest there IS a 1-button "% change" key on all RPN models: it's the divide key.


Good Point about the RPN and the divide key.


Well really, I guess you could do that on any calculator, RPN or not.

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