5036A Microprocessor Lab


I just picked up a curious beast called the HP (5036A) Microprocessor Lab, a 1978 microprocessing learning kit hosted in a standard-sized hard-plastic briefcase.

Does anyone know the history of these things, and perhaps their approximate value. After 30 minutes of web searching, I had found *nothing*...





The 5036A Microprocessor Lab and Power Supply are listed as a "NEW" product in the 1982 Hewlett Packard catalog, page 159. It is teaching tool to bring engineers, scientists, and technicians up to speed on the new (at the time) microprocessor technology. Included with the briefcase are a series of books detailing theory with labs. Without the books, the package has little or no value as a learning tool. As a collectable, who knows. The package cost $900 in 1982. My bet is it has little value today.

Take Care - Tony

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