New ILPer version for the PIL-Box


Thanks to Christoph Giesselink, a new version of my ILPer software is now available.

Main change is that ILPer is now written in VC6 instead of VB2005, and no more requires the installation of the MS NET Framework.

This new version also provides several fixes and improvements: the ILPer window can be minimized and restored without problems, the COM port can be selected from a list of available ports, there is a “open file” buttom to select the disc image file, and finally the settings (COM port and speed, image file name) are saved.

I recommend using ILPer to transfer data/programs between HP41/71 and Emu41/71, even if Emu41 (and Emu71 very soon) provide native PIL-Box support. ILPer is faster and more robust.


Link to My HPIL page .


Dear Jean-Francois,

Thanks a lot for this great news anf for your support :-)

Best wishes - Christoph Klug


Would it be feasible to create it in Qt to have it cross-platform (Windows/Mac/Linux)?


Dear Jean-Francois,

Thanks a lot for this great news anf for your support :-)

Best wishes - Christoph Klug

I'll second that. Thanks again!

I'm not familiar with Qt. It may be possible. The C++ source files in VC6 are on my site, if someone wants to do it.


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