HP 19B

Hi Hp world,

I have two 19Bii's in my collection - one with a traditional side battery cover, and the other with a rear battery cover.

I have never seen a 19B come up for auction anywhere. I am keen to get one to compete that part of my collection, but every listing on TAS seems to be a 'ii' model!

Were there not many made? Quickly replaced by the Bii model perhaps?
Thanks, Keith


I have seen them in the past on E*** auction site. Don't know how long you have been looking, but I think if you are patient you will find one on that site.



Trouble with the unmentionable site is the naming confusion with the 19b series.
The 19b was the "Business Consultant II" because it followed the 18c business consultant.

The 19bii was also "Business Consultant II".... I think it causes confusion among the sellers who simply list both as "19bii"

Edited: 11 Mar 2010, 11:14 p.m.


Perfect! Thanks Allen - that explains it! I had always looked at the "Business Consultant II" and thought that related to the 19BII ...

Just found one on that auction site.

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