10BII Display Problems?

I just purchased a 10BII to add to my collection. It's the "middle" version (between the original 10B and the newest "retro" version). Was there a problem with the LCD display on this version? There seems to be a LOT of people on Amazon who reviewed this calculator around the time it was in production and complained about the display going bad after short time. What makes me wonder is that they also complained about the calculator accidently turning on while it was in their backpack etc., so they could have also inadvertently adjusted the display contrast without even knowing that feature existed on the 10BII. Just wondering if anyone could confirm whether or not there was a real QC problem with the LCD display on this version of the 10BII.

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I have two HP10BII with a bad LCD. Some segments and some whole digits went off for good. I opened one of them and the zebra connector was broken. Piece of s..t, if you pardom my French, that zebra connector. Seems to be made to never bent, always broke. When I opened the second unit, I saw the same scenario.

I am about to ask my brother, who has a third HP10BII I bought him some years ago. Either it´s been thrown away and he never mentioned that or it is still working fine. I would not bet in the second option, though...


Luiz (Brazil)

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