A tribute to Diego Diaz and Ángel Martin

Not to forget a lot of other brilliant contributors on this forum and elsewhere, but I would like especially thank Diego Diaz and Ángel Martin for their excellent work.

The combination of a hardware wizard and MCODE guru has made it possible for me to have renewed joy in my old hobby. Oh, I just love Mcoding :-)

Thanks guys and please continue. I wish I had your skills.


Thanks for the praise Geir (I'm blushing), but I'm far from being a MCODE guru! There are others out there with the real skills, I'm just sort of persistent (read: stubburn) and not afraid to try (and try, and try... :-)

And congrats to you as well - it's a small comunity but sure enough it's a great one.


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You are being modest ;-)

The documentation you provide for your projects have taught me much MCODE.


Hi Geir, Ángel,

Thanks so much for your kind words. I sincerely take Ángel's and will add:

Try... and fail, and re-try... and re-fail... and so on... ;-)

However, IMHO, the key is enjoying the process.

Keep up the good job.


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