HP 85B tape drive

I am trying to revive an HP85B to use as a controller for an old V curve tracer. The tape drive seems to be OK and has a good capstan roller, but it gives a STALL error 74 every time I issue a CAT, CTAPE or ERASETAPE command. I managed to find a second tape drive and that one gives the same error. The tape indicator light comes on (briefly) and the tape give a little jump and then the error occurs. Anybody got any ideas about what is going on and how to fix it?



The stall error is problably caused by a hanging tape, or due to loosing magnetic coating from the mylar carrier.
Check your tape for blank spots wher the coating is removed.
This is a problem for a lot of original HP tapes, #M tapes lasts longer.



I am using some new tapes I got from Athana. They are supposed to be direct replacements for the original. There seems to be a bit of drag when I move the drive wheel with a finger.

Which 3M tape do you have in mind? Is it the DC1000?

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