Meeting held yesterday in western Denmark

I held a meeting yesterday at my work. I had promoted the meeting one month ago with a number of posters in my town, at my work and at the local libraries but no one turned up. A borring way to spend a saturday afternoon.
I didn't want to promote the meeting here as I think there are very few danish readers but mabye I should have done so anyway?
Have anyone here tried the same? Does anyone have some good advices for next time...


Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen, Denmark

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You might try to setup a table at a computer show that has a wider audience, especially if there is a show about older computers. One disadvantage of this is security. If you have a lot of people walking past your table, some of your things might grow legs and jump into somebody's pocket.

Another idea is to try to target your advertisement to people who are more directly interested, such as local antique computer clubs etc.

Good luck! I would have enjoyed it. :)



Hi Johnny,

I'm quite new collector of old calculators (and other old electronics) and I might have showed up if I had got the chance to know about your meeting.
Denmark is just a few hours away (I live 3km north of Gothenburg in Sweden).

Maybe I show up next time.

Best regards,


Thanks for your advice and your wishes to attend. It seems that there are few people with the intrest for old computers in Denmark at least in my local area.
Mabye I should focus on the larger provinces.



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