hp 9815a/s program tapes

Hi, we're still trying to get our hp 9815a and 9815s going. The "s" is intermittent now. Sometimes the memory is 904 steps; other times it is the full 3720. But now we are wondering if the old program cassette tapes are still working.

Does anyone have a 100% known-to-be-working hp 9815a or 9815s? If so, would you be willing to run our DC 100 cassette tapes on your calculator? We need to learn whether anything is on these tapes. If there are still programs on the tapes, we would like to list the programs in hard copy via the printer, and we also want to make backup tapes. We have a roll of themal paper, and some new DC 100 tapes.

Thank you. Frank


Hi Frank,

There seems to be limited interest for the 9815 in this forum, but I think it's a fascinating machine, almost in a class of its own because it runs on a commercial microprocessor.

I have a 9815s which is in great condition, although I have never been able to test or run its tape drive because I have not been able to find any suitable tapes. Of course I'll be glad to help if I can.

Joel Setton


Joel, I was hoping that you would say yes. My email is franksimpson4@gmail.com, and I presently am living in Wisconsin, USA. Please let me know via my email how to reach you directly, so that we can make arrangements to run these program tapes on your machine. We might want to try programming some of our new tapes first on your machine with perhaps, 2 enter 2 +, to insure that your tape drive actually works. Is the tape drive spindle on your machine gummy? I also am wondering if a 9825 can read DC 100 tapes that have been pre-programmed on a 9815? We have all of the hp 9815a books, but some of our original tapes, such as the Utilities and Test tape, are missing. Thank you, Thank you!! Frank


Hi Frank, I just sent you an e-mail. We're in touch!

Joel Setton

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