NutIP, a web server and TCP/IP stack for HP-41

Hi all,

NutIP is a ROM for HP-41 (C/CV/CX). It implements a full-featured TCP/IP stack and a web server. I never ran the code on real hardware because devices are rare and expensive (one need a HP-41, a HP-IL module, any hardware that let you burn a ROM, a HP-IL/RS232 transceiver...). Though, I managed to run NutIP on emulators. It works well with nonpareil and Emu41.

You can download source code (under a BSD-like license), binaries and documentation at

Hope you enjoy it,



Too awesome for words.


Has he (or anyone) set-up a real web-page for it yet?


I have all the necessary gear, just no time right now. I'll give it a shot next month. I expect the only issue will be with the HP-IL/RS232. It will need some unknown setup.

If (big big IF) I can get it working perhaps I can host a section of the HHC2009 website. :-)


Maybe you could crash the internet by unleashing some synthetic programming...


Maybe utilize the PIL-box?


Phenominal job, congratulations! Do you know how one would have to configure the rs232?




Dear Peter,

some knowledge about HP-41 and RS232 you find in the IL2000 manual(transfer between two HP-41, and transfer between HP-41 and EMU41) and on the HPCC webpage under HP-41 calculator...

Regards - Christoph


If you are using a HP-82164A peripheral (HP-IL/RS232 transceiver), you should use 9600 8N1 (default settings). You may want to read the documentation for more details.

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