HP 925 main body color

I'm not 2/3rds of the way through refurbishing the 9825 I have - everything is in perfect working order. The main casing is quite worn and scratched. In order to be an authentic restoration I need to know the paint method (powder, spray etc) and the pantone color or equivalent (the color today will have aged). I've spent 6 months searching high and low for any clues but nothing to date.

Any help would be appreciated - I've been to all the sites - so I'm just looking for an answer :-)


I'll check for you.



I contacted the HP 9825's industrial designer, LeRoy LaCelle on your behalf. Here's what LeRoy wrote:

"When I was developing the design of the 9825, HP was also looking for a new color scheme for the calculator products, a little more definitive.

I worked for weeks developing many different approaches and finally came up with the direction which I applied to the 9825 model. We calibrated the color in local paint facilities and presented the direction to California.

Well the color scheme (main body) on the model was a little too yellow, so we worked with HP's Palo Alto color lab to develop a grayed down version.

They developed and specified the color there and I don't really have any references to the final color in any of my documents. Additionally, since it was a custom color developed by HP Palo Alto color labs, there would not be a Panatone equivalent color.



For detailed info on the HP 9825's industrial design, go here: http://www.hp9825.com/html/industrial_design.html


Edited: 10 Aug 2009, 4:15 p.m.


Wow ! Thanks - I'll get them to do an optical match - Thanks

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