What's so special about this 71B?

This ebay listing is going crazy - item: 220460807506. Up to USD510. Does anyone know if there is a logical reason for this? Is it something rare, is the math module something special? Or is it just a bidding war? I'm curious.
Cheers, Keith


Well, the math module is something special, but no reason to go that high IMHO. I'd have guessed a total of 200 US$ being reasonable still. Anything exceeding this must have other "reasons".


It's in unusually nice condition, too, if the photographs can be trusted. Still the current value has me scratching my head.



I don't get it either, unless someone REALLY wants a clean version. What is surprising is no HPIL either!

The math module and the faux leather case are both rare and the unit looks clean but still, 200 would suffice on a normal day!

Cheers, Geoff


the bidders are all very new (0 feedback etc)....


Recently an HP-71B + access sold for $700 !! (item number 200363174461)

I am still trying to figure out if the owner was included in the package :)


In a time where even a Casio LCD calculator fetches more than USD 200:




These prices are completely crazy. There is a Casio that I can understand going for a high price (successor to the 602P) but even $200 for that would be high. What on earth is going on?! Wish I had something like that to sell!

I saw an HP go recently for an eye-popping price that made no sense.
There is also a manufacturer of camera filters that I attempt to bid on sometimes but recently, people have been paying more than shop prices for second-hand filters or near-new prices for filters with scratches on them. Total madness, especially when all they've got to do is place an on-line order with a dealer to get brand-new.

If anyone knows the trick to get people into obsessive bidding-wars on listings, please let me know! I want to exploit that myself :)



That kinds of put a damper on my quest to acquire a HP-71B...


That kinds of put a damper on my quest to acquire a HP-71B...

The 71B is an awesome machine. A must have. I strongly recommend the Math ROM and if you like Forth/RPN the 41 Translator ROM. Don't give up. I have had good luck with eBay and the museum classifieds (http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/adforum.cgi).

For eBay use Auction Sniper and create a bid group. Each time you see a 71B you like put it in your bid group with the max price you are willing to pay for each different 71B (don't forget to set the max number of wins to 1, or you could end up with too many 71Bs).

As for the classifieds here, you can post a request or make an offer. There are 71Bs there now. The classifieds prices are fair (better than eBay).

In the short term get EMU71. It can use any ROM image. It's exactly the same, just faster, and runs on any platform (even Linux and OS/X).


I don't know alot about Casios, but I understand the CM-100 is the 16C of the Casio world, albeit non-programmable.



This is quite entertaining. Who wants to guess a final price?


If I was not chicken, I would bid it up... just because...


If I was not chicken, I would bid it up... just because...

... of what? d;)

Here is a link with photo. It does seem to be a 16C equivalent but with a much smaller feature set. Elsewhere, I saw it listed as being released in 1986.


If the 1986 date is accurate, the following year, HP released the 28C which does everything that the CM100 appears to do in terms of binary maths.



If I was not chicken, I would bid it up... just because...

One can feel remarkably secure from an anonymous Internet Cafe ;-)


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