How do I disassemble a hex number with Jazz?

I have started to study the Art of SysRpl using my HP48 GX and Jazz 6.8. I would like to know how to disassemble a commmand using the Hexadecimal number as input, if I know that.

I do get results when I take, for instance, #7D27h DOB =>

CON(5) (*)+5
ST=0 0

and that above is not SysRpl. I think it is system assembly.

The DIS command (#7D27h DIS) just returns
"HXS 10 72D7000000000000"

Any help appreciated!

Regards, Matti


I do get results when I take, for instance, #7D27h DOB =>
CON(5) (*)+5
ST=0 0

This is the correct answer. STO is a so called PCO (Primitive Code Object), special assembler code which can be directly called from RPL code.

The construct CON(5) (*)+5 is the preamble for such an object located in ROM. You should have a look at James Donnelly's book Introduction to System RPL and Assembly Language.

TNX to Eric Rechlin making this book electronically available.

The basic for SysRPL programming is still RPLMan from Goodies Disk 4.

Another book is
Programming in System RPL (PDF)
from Eduardo M. Kalinowski.

And finally for the hard core programmers the assembler code tutorial
Introduction to Saturn Assembly Language (PDF) Third Edition.

I hope that I don't forgot to mention any other important books. If so, add them to this thread.




Thanks Christoph!


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