HP75 Accessories as new - any value or should I just use them?

I bought an HP75 on eBay in as new condition. When I received it, it was almost new.
The HP75 itself has been dropped so it has sprung in one corner, and the LCD has a black mark at the bottom at one end. I put a battery in it and it all works OK, except that when the case springs apart a bit, it shuts down. Hold the case together and it seems fine.
It also came with the original cards in a tube, unopened, the manual, still shrink wrapped, and the carry case, still in the plastic bag.
What I was looking for were some cards for my other (very used) HP75, plus a backup machine etc.
The question is, do the wrapped/unused items have any value to a collector, or should I just go ahead and use them.
I do not need pristine bits, but do like to preserve older HP gear and I think that since these is still in new condition, may be worth preserving by someone more dedicated than me.
I am putting together a small test system (and have an HP71 plus peripherals, and an HP85 plus instruments) but am missing mass storage devices (that work) so would be happy to trade.



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