Rattling 9114B

I am in the process of cleaning my room (yes, my wife has me under orders) :-D

I picked up my 9114B drive to put it away and was astonished (and somewhat surprised) to hear it rattle. On opening it I found a loose piece of metal (possibly aluminium) about 13mm x 13mm x 0.5mm.

It has a red spot in one corner, a yellow in an adjacent corner and the letters C68A19 on the opposite edge. The reverse side has a stripe of what appears to be glue across the middle.

It looks like the glue has deteriorated and this has simply come adrift.

My guess is that it is a shield of some sort, perhaps covering a drive head.

I don't have time to take the drive apart at the moment, or to test to see that the drive still works.

Has anyone seen something like this when delving inside their 9114B? These are so reliable that I'm sure most people have had no need to open the cover.

If these are starting to fall off, it would be great to find out from where they're falling off so we can do preventative maintenance. A chunk of metal this size could very easily spell the end for a drive if it shorted out something :-(

Better get back to work ;-)


Hi Steve,

As you've corectly supposed, this is the top head shield... and yes, it can certainly (and easily) ruin a drive if it falls in the wrong place...

However, if your drive is operating properly, just forget about it. This shield is by no means critical and there shouldn't be any difference if you leave your drive without it.



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